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Our mission is to give our customers access to the potential lying in the closed markets of wholesale energy trading


The product concerns a participation in the Fund, an investment vehicle established under the laws of the Netherlands.

It concerns a so-called open end investment vehicle, meaning that participants are able to buy and sell their participations on a periodical basis.

Through its investment, the participant acquires participations in the Fund, through which the participant benefits, proportionally to its participation, in the returns of the Fund.

Investment strategy

Global energy trading takes place in a closed and regulated environment, only accessible to licensed market participants. Energy traders act as intermediaries between energy producers and large-scale consumers. There are numerous opportunities for energy traders to make profits due to the different needs, motivations, capabilites of the participants and the market’s structure.

The Fund’s investment strategy is to provide trading capital to energy trading firms. The firms will pay interest out of the profits made from energy trading to the Fund. This enables our investors to profit from the opportunities lying in global energy trading. It will enable us to make predictable distributions to our investors. The investment is for indefinite period but the Fund Manager may call back the principal any time should redemptions or other circumstances require it.

Energy Traders

Energy traders’ activities include international trade of electricity and natural gas, as well as services related to the acquisition and sale of energy products.

The energy traders financed by the Fund utilize various tools to protect investor capital:

Bank guarantees

Credit insurance

Risk management

Liquidity management

Dealing with partners of high credit ratings

The Fund Manager

The Fund Manager is the Amsterdam-based Sirius Global Management B.V. managing various funds in different fields. Sirius Global Management is registered with the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM).

Swiss Energy Fund brings a new and innovative addition to the managers’ hedge fund and derivatives strategies.


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